Thursday, June 02, 2005

Escape Velocity

Escape's the speed at which an object must be traveling to escape the gravitational pull of the Earth's surface. We are born, live and die under the influence of gravity. Every grammar school child learns it is the only thing that keeps us from flying off into outer space. But gravity isn't the only pull that we experience in life. Most of us feel a variety of forces pulling at us in any given time frame in our lives...parents, friends, work, children, church... Depending upon their influence over our lives their pull can be positive or negative. But there are forces that can without a doubt pull us and hold us into a pattern of living and thinking that is neither productive nor life giving...self-hatred, racism, sexism, classism, or just the general problems of everyday life that would try to hold us back and keep us down... I guess that is why worship is so important to me. It lifts my focus to the "Rock that is higher than I" and in the process it lifts me, and the true test of its authenticity would be that my life is lifted as a result...Is there an actual change that occurs within my day to day living as a result of what I experienced in worship? If not, then it was just an "experience." But if my life changes as a result of the time I spent in the presence of God, then I have truly reached my "escape velocity".

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