Saturday, July 02, 2005

True Freedom

"Where poverty exist, there can be no true freedom"
Nelson Mandela


Constantine said...

Amen. There is a Dutch proverb that is apropos: "Many hands make light work.” Everybody can do something.

As per the request for your Pastor, consider it done.

Kevin Condon said...

Contrasted to "the poor will always be with you"? True freedom is not economic. It is more available to the poor than to the rich, according to the same source. Help the poor, feed the hungry, clothe the naked, free the captives, but don't believe that this social work is what gives freedom to life. It is "just" good works.

voixdange said...

Actually, I think you and Nelson are talking baout apples and oranges. You are talking about freedom of a spiritual nature, Nelson is talking about the freedom of self determination, economic and social freedom...even though we may be free spiritually, we still need to work towards social and economic justice for everyone so that the full potential of each individual is realised, or at least each individual has the opportunity to realise thier full potential. In other words...I agree with you both on different levels. Thanks for the comment and the opportunity to clarify.

Constantine said...

Economic freedom and spiritual freedom are not necessarily mutually exclusive notions--i.e. good works as opposed to "salvation." To make it so misses the point. Yeah, we got the whole "rich man, camel and eye of a needle" bit, but when someone is hungry or being abused in the worst of ways they probably aren't that interested in hearing the "gospel." Social justice and spiritual salvation, soul saving if you like, are in many ways inextricably linked--at least from the view of the follower of Christ. They are not at odds with each other. It goes to the imperative to "Be Christ." Also, I'd say that the reference to "the poor will always be with you" could easily be read as an indictment.

voixdange said...

Oh My! What a statement! Thank you for food for thought Constantine!

"the poor will always be with you" could easily be read as an indictment.