Thursday, September 01, 2005

Dear Dr. King...

The following is an excerpt from the book "Dear Dr. King, Letters From Today's Children to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr."

Dear Dr. King, Maybe if you were here today you would be happy,
Maybe not. There is no segregation,
but there is racism and hate.
I must live with much racism in my family,
my neighborhood,
and our world. I cannot
understand why people
cannot let go of their weapons and, instead
hold each other's hands.
You had a dream that turned into a nightmare
and you lost your life.
Hailey, age 11


Constantine said...

Dear Hailey,

I don't pretend to imagine what it is to be on the receiving end of racism. But take heart young dear because Dr. King's dream is a work in progress, just like God's creation, and he did not die in vain, as Christ did not. In fact, Dr. King, just like Jesus, became (only God knows how) stronger in his death and overcame and continues (yes, this is true) to overcome evil with good. God help us all to work for Dr. King's dream so that it may come to pass. Alas, Hailey, I'm not the best example, but with people like you who knows? Maybe I'll do better.

Constantine, age 38

voixdange said...

I love it! Bless you dear C!