Friday, October 07, 2005

A Prayer for Today

Dear Lord,
I know that your word tells us that everyday is a day to rejoice,
but I have to be honest.
I'm not looking forward to today.
I know that every day is full of uncertainty, but this day is even more so for me.
Today I have no idea what to expect from
my students,
the faculty,
the administration,
or even really

I'm afraid.

Father, I know that you know all things,
so you know that the day before yesterday
a student from our school walked in on a burglar in his home.
You know that this ruthless person didn't stop at taking things that could be replaced,
such as stereos and t.v.s.
This person, took something so irreplaceable
....that child's life.
And he didn't just take it, but did it in a way that was so ugly and cruel.

He was a good kid Father.
An A&B student who never got in trouble at school.

I don't understand.

Lord, be with us today, as we walk the halls of our school,
and sit in our classrooms.
Be with that child's parents and family as they struggle
through grief,
and the anguish of making funeral arrangements.
Be with them as they come to terms with saying goodbye to a 14 year old boy
who should have been able to walk into his own home without finding himself in the
wrong place at the wrong time.

What if it were my child?

Be with us Lord.


Benjamin said...

angevoix -

I always hate it when I try to make the words wrap themselves into some sort of condolence, because it always sounds so trite and insufficent, but anyways -

I hope the wounds heal quickly.
I hope the pain ends soon.
I hope you laugh today, (at least once).
I hope you find God's face in all this.
And I know none of the above is enough.

voixdange said...


madcapmum said...

Oh God. What a fallen world and what a grief. I'm so sorry.

voixdange said...

Today I stood in the hallway, looking at his picture with a few other teachers. One just kept saying, "He didn't have to kill him." And it was true. Over crap, over used electronics. It just doesn't make sense...