Friday, January 20, 2006

What I Learned in School.

This is a true story but I have changed the names of the students involved.

I learned something in school today.
I work with first and second graders as a teacher's assistant and aftercare teacher, and we have had a problem lately with snack being stolen. Theft is usually the cause of much angst with teachers. You fear approaching the wrong child with an accusation will scar him or her for life, not to mention invite an angry "How dare you!" phone call from the parent. Then you have the parents of the child with the missing item calling to demand justice, restitution and what have you. You're stuck in the middle and and its not a nice "middle" to be in. The children have all told me that the thief is Eric, but Eric's mother is not the kind of parent you approach about her child with out cold hard evidence, even though he is in trouble with everyone all of the time. So we decided that the best solution would be to simply collect the snacks at the start of the day and place them out of six year old reach. James was one of the student's who's snack was stolen. Two days in a row he came to me with tears in his eyes telling me that his snack was gone. He went home and told his mother Eric had taken it.
Today James came to school with his snack packed as usual and another in a brown paper bag. He and his mother had packed it just especially for Eric. They sat down and ate their snack together like best friends. It was the most powerful sermon I have ever witnessed.
I am 41 years old and I have been saved and in church for most of my life, but today at snack time I learned how to be a Christian.


Constantine said...

You're right Mi Amiga. It is a beautiful story and emblematic of a Gospel intention.

Question though if I may: What has become of the situation after the gesture of grace? Has the culprit returned to his old ways?

You know me. I have a heck of a problem with bullies.

voixdange said...

Yet to be seen. But you should have seen the visible convictionon the six year olds face. But don't forget - seventy times seven.

Constantine said...

You are of course right. God help me.

voixdange said...

Me too!