Friday, March 03, 2006

Broken Dreams

Ever had a dream?
Ever had a dream that you nurtured and prepared for? Did you cradle it in you imagination? Did you hold it close to you like a baby? Did you feed it and coddle it, sing it to sleep at night?
You were careful who you let hold your dream. It was precious and you knew you just couldn't trust anybody. And you waited for the day that your dream would mature and walk and play and sing back to you. You waited and waited and waited, sometimes thinking you couldn't wait another minute.

Ever thought your dream was gone? Did it make you angry? Did it trouble your sleep? Did you carry your hurt around like an unprotected wound that is easily re-injured? Did you mourn your dream like the mother of a murdered baby who couldn't get justice?

Look again.
If your dream is something planted in your spirit by God,
you're baby may not be dead.
Like the daughter of Jarius, it may only be sleeping.
Just waiting for the Master's touch to wake it up again.


jazztheo said...


I've been out of country for a bit and I've missed your voice.

Yes, often times it is just I've heard it said, "Desire is the confirmation that destination is there."

voixdange said...

Thanks Jazztheo - Where did you go? I am going to Paris for the first time in April.

jazztheo said...

Uganda & Ethiopia.

ahh...Paris...what takes you there?

voixdange said...

Well, speaking of dreams, it has always been one of mine to go there.After years of raising children as asingle mother and struugling to survive I am able! Bless God!

Constantine said...

Be safe. His traveling mercies be with you.