Thursday, July 12, 2012

My family moved frequently when I was a child. I lived in four different states and attended 7 schools between Kindergarten and 12th grade graduation. Perhaps that is why I seem to consistently place myself in the situation of being an outsider. It is all I have ever known - being the new kid on the block, the outsider, the different one, different race, different nationality. My father had the wanderlust, and was not above loading the family up and heading to Florida for the weekend on a whim.
It was actually quite wonderful. We spent many weekends driving to historical homes and museums in the area. And being in the Cumberland Gap area of southeastern Kentucky, there was an abundance of such places to explore and visit. We saw so much. the homesteads of pioneers, war officers and presidents. Indian museums, caves, cliffs, settlements, and Indian Reservation Territory in the Carolina's. Florida Missions, the Smokey Mountains and Gatlinbourg. Niagra Falls, Maine, all the Great Lakes, and even Canada.
Maybe that is where I get it from.

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