Saturday, October 29, 2005

Catching Hell

Well, I suppose I should have seen it coming. The hell and high water. I mean, if you beleive that satan and his forces do exist, and I do, and you have the nerve to run around claiming to be "Inexpugnable" you should know that you are setting yourself up to be proven wrong. You might as well paint a big bulls eye on your life, swing the door wide open and say, "Come on in and have at it!" I mean, come on, he is the prince of this world, the prince of darkness, and even though we know who wins he actually does a pretty good job of keeping many Christians cowed and bullied, walking on egg shells. So no, it shouldn't have been a surprise to me that when I stood up and challenged his psuedo authority, he got a little...shall we say pissed. So yes, I have been catching crazy hell for a while now. But I've got a message for you lucifer. I'm still

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Constantine said...

Mi Amiga,

Interesting post. I'm not sure I understand though. Do you mean to attribute to the Evil One the regular hard knocks of life? Or instead, are you speaking of some kind of supernatural experience?

As I'm sure you might guess (grin--sorry), I think the latter is rare. Yes, I believe it happens, but not nearly as often as some would like to assume. If it does, then my inclination is to take the Martin Luther route.

voixdange said...

Would you think I am making up stories or seeking attention if I told you I have experienced both and very recently?

Constantine said...

"Would you think I am making up stories or seeking attention...?”

No, I wouldn't.

How do you discern that a particular experience is supernatural in origin?

voixdange said...

I'll email you my answer to that one C.

fatherneo said...

Me too! The hell and the other stuff. Must be that time of year.

voixdange said...

Hey Fr. Neo! Thanks for stopping by! Sorry to hear you're getting it too. Hang in there.