Sunday, October 30, 2005

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The Temptation of St. Anthony
Salvador Dali

I'm drawn to Salvador Dali's work. I don't know why. Perhaps because he seems to embrace the feeling of absurdity that I have from time to time about life amd the church in particular.I love my church. But sometimes it seems to me that the hardest thing on earth is just to go into church and serve God with all your heart. It all seems a little absurd to me. You sing a song one Sunday and bless the congregation and two weeks later you find that you are now the victim of a major haters campaign to destroy your reputation...
I actually had a woman resent me for being asked to take attendance on a bus one time. It gets a little weird. A few years ago I taught one woman all of my tricks to decorating. Before I knew it she was pushing me out of my ministry, taking over and trying to boss me!
Several years ago I took on the altar cloth ministry. I am the sole member of an elite team of one. Every week Fr. Mike puts the altar cloth out on the rail for me and I iron it.
I love this job. I do it all alone when no one else is around and hardly a soul knows that its my job. No competition here. Just me waging the weekly battles against candle wax and the two distinguished gentlemen who will wad last week's cloth up in an unforgiving ball if I don't stop them first. (Not to mention any names, Fr. Mike and Vince)
That is my favorite ministry by far, because it is unseen and unheard, except by the only one that really matters - God.


madcapmum said...

I like Dali because he manages to capture the language of the unconscious, the exaggeration and the lurid colour.

voixdange said...

Yep - lurid color sums it up quite well I would say at this point...

Amy said...

I used to be on the altar guild at Fr. Neo's church, and it was my favorite ministry--quiet, behind the scenes, reverent, necessary. Altar guild prepares the altar for worship, making sure the candles are right, setting out wafers, washing chalices and ironing linens. My aunt calls it "active prayer." I miss it.

Dr. Mike Kear said...

What an awesome painting. Thanks for posting it!