Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Brooklyn's Bridge

There are moments in my life when God speaks to me in a way that is unmistakable. Its as if for a moment or two, the heavens part and I walk a bridge that passes directly to my master's heart. Though granted, those moments are rare, they are powerful and trans formative. Today was such a day.

I work at a school and have been substitute teaching for one of the nuns who had surgery. The children are very good and its been as close to a breeze as substitute teaching can be, but the days are a little long and I'm in school myself - so it has been tiring and a stretch. Unfortunately my prayer life has suffered. I'm used to getting up in the morning and puttering around and making my way to the church for at least a few moments of prayer and/or quiet before plunging into my day - but it just hasn't been happening while I sub.

As this assignment is more than a few days, I knew something had to give - so I vowed that I would at the very least pray while my car warms up and on the quick drive into work. This morning as I let the car heat up I started. I was interrupted. I was interrupted by what I can only describe as a voice yelling at me in my spirit. If you have never had God yell at you, you're in for an experience. He began to admonish me to walk with my head up, to never forget that I am the daughter of a great king and to carry myself like it. He told me to never walk with my head down again, ever. Well, I was truly surprised and thought to myself that I would get some kind of crown or ornament with a crown on it to place in my bedroom to meditate on what I had just heard and experienced. But then, remembering how much I dislike Christian paraphernalia I brushed the thought aside and but continued to think about what I just felt God had said to me.

I went to work and one of the children I work with, Brooklyn, walked up to me first thing in thing in the morning - and I kid you not, she said, " I brought this to school because I wanted you to see it." and pulled out a small pink velvet box in the shape of a crown and handed it to me. She then said, " Would you keep it on your desk for me?"

This weekend I will be shopping for one of my own.