Saturday, February 22, 2020

I'm in school again. This time it is do or die. I have been and on again off again student at DePaul since 2004. I should be way past the finished line at this point. But Alas, here I am . . . again.
I was really foggy on what I should be doing and asked for a new advisor, for several years now, to no avail. Finally I was in school for so long my advisor retired. Every time I would call her over the years to find out what I should do, I would end up more confused than when I first dialed the phone.

So I got a new advisor, and after our first call I knew exactly what to do. It was so simple. I had 10 credit hours outstanding. Ten.

When I first started, I was still working as a teacher's assistant at St. Sabina. My kids were still at home, for the most part. Abe teased me that he would finish college before I did. I was indignant. Not only did he finish college, but he also finished law school, passed the bar, got married started a law firm, and had two baby boys. And I could not be more thrilled. What kind of parent is not thrilled when their children surpass them. Not this kind of parent!

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

I saw a commercial about lumber today. As soon as I saw it I could smell it. My dad was very good at remodeling houses and we took endless trips to the lumber yard. I remember the sound of his saw. Sometimes I would take the scraps of wood and nail them together. I was making structures for the numerous kittens we had to play in.
My parents often bought homes that needed remodeling. My father was very creative. He would always add some kind of wood-burning feature, a fireplace or a stove. He would finish walls in creative ways, beautiful wood panelling around the bottom and stucco on the top. He loved wood beams. One time he found the front of an old icebox. Except it was not just a normal sized icebox, it was large enough to cover an entire wall. It was from a store. He built it into a wall in the house. It was beautiful. My mother was also excellent with wall paper. She was always very detailed and had the ability to match it up perfectly. I've wall papered one room. A small one. Not my favorite job.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

This week has been a blurrrrrrr. Monday I had to commute. I go into the office once a week and it is at least an hour drive. So that is an all day excursion. Then I spend the next day tired from all of the driving. Wednesday wasAtticus',  my oldest grandson's, birthday. We go to the auto show every year. He turned four. His younger brother, Lincoln, is going to be two next month. We always have a great time. I look forward to it all year, and so does Atticus. His dad told me that all year long he gets asked, "When is the auto show?"

Because the weather was bad and it was a Wednesday, it wasn't crowded. I took advantage of that and let Lincoln run around while I chased him. He is hilarious. He will run a few feet then peek back over his shoulder to make sure you are following, then take off as fast as he can. I got a very good workout!

The auto show is huge, of course. And it is so much fun walking around and seeing all of the latest models. I have had my eye on a Ford escape. Once I got inside, I was disappointed and knew the car was not for me. It just did not fit right. I was much happier with the Nissan kicks. I think that is what I will aim for.

Today I am taking Atticus the first birthday present. It is a Bernie Sanders t shirt. I am also a Bernie Sanders supporter. His mother is for Warren and his dad is on the fence. He chose Bernie of his own volition. Smart four year old.

Saturday, February 08, 2020

I'm currently hooked on a Netflix show about the Ottoman Empire. 

I visited Turkey a few years back, Istanbul, to be precise. I absolutely loved it. The food was incredible, the people were amazing, and the city was gorgeous.

At the time that I visited, I was completely unaware that I was staying just a few yards away from a very historic site, Galata Tower. I could see it right from my window. It was right there. Now that I have been watching the Netflix show, I know its historical significance. 

In Istanbul I felt very safe. My son, Jon, went with me, but we have a tradition of splitting up in the mornings and then meeting for dinner. As a woman traveling alone, it seemed as if every man I encountered was keeping a protective eye on me. Everyone was so kind. 

Many of streets were cobbled. In the spot I was staying all roads led to the tower and the buildings and city blocks would narrow to a v, opening to a square. In the center was the tower. There were restaurants, kebab stands, and fruit juice stand were you could stand and watch as they squeezed the fresh juice from the fruit, or fruits of your choice. There were also a lot of shops selling beautiful plates, lamps, instruments, Turkish towels and soap, as well as all kinds of other gifts and souvenirs. 

One morning my son encouraged me to come down to the waterfront for breakfast. The roadways were a steep incline going down to the edge of the Bosphorus. We watched a man grill a fresh fish, season it and but it on a large crusty oblong bun. we took it to tiny plastic chairs and tables set up by the water where men would oblige you with freshly brewed tea. It was served piping hot in tulip shaped glasses that were carefully grasped by the rims. Everything was delicious! It was one of the most memorable travel experiences I have ever had.