Monday, July 05, 2021

The IT guy

 I was thinking about something the IT guy told me. We use a system of apps for our jobs. One day I was having a hard time getting my work system to function properly. Every thing I tried to do to fix it only made things worse. I finally had to call the IT help desk and the IT guy asked me to share my screen. He found the problem quickly and explained to me that because I did not close out of my apps properly in the past, they were still running in the background. Even though I could not see them, they were still running in the background and messing up everything I was trying to do that day.

It got me to thinking about how much that can parallel life. It made me wonder if there are things from my past that are messing up my today because I didn’t close them out properly. Just because you may not see issues from the past, doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t still running in the background. Thank God the Holy Spirit help desk is 24 7 and not just available during business hours.