Saturday, February 22, 2020

I'm in school again. This time it is do or die. I have been and on again off again student at DePaul since 2004. I should be way past the finished line at this point. But Alas, here I am . . . again.
I was really foggy on what I should be doing and asked for a new advisor, for several years now, to no avail. Finally I was in school for so long my advisor retired. Every time I would call her over the years to find out what I should do, I would end up more confused than when I first dialed the phone.

So I got a new advisor, and after our first call I knew exactly what to do. It was so simple. I had 10 credit hours outstanding. Ten.

When I first started, I was still working as a teacher's assistant at St. Sabina. My kids were still at home, for the most part. Abe teased me that he would finish college before I did. I was indignant. Not only did he finish college, but he also finished law school, passed the bar, got married started a law firm, and had two baby boys. And I could not be more thrilled. What kind of parent is not thrilled when their children surpass them. Not this kind of parent!

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