Tuesday, February 18, 2020

I saw a commercial about lumber today. As soon as I saw it I could smell it. My dad was very good at remodeling houses and we took endless trips to the lumber yard. I remember the sound of his saw. Sometimes I would take the scraps of wood and nail them together. I was making structures for the numerous kittens we had to play in.
My parents often bought homes that needed remodeling. My father was very creative. He would always add some kind of wood-burning feature, a fireplace or a stove. He would finish walls in creative ways, beautiful wood panelling around the bottom and stucco on the top. He loved wood beams. One time he found the front of an old icebox. Except it was not just a normal sized icebox, it was large enough to cover an entire wall. It was from a store. He built it into a wall in the house. It was beautiful. My mother was also excellent with wall paper. She was always very detailed and had the ability to match it up perfectly. I've wall papered one room. A small one. Not my favorite job.

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