Sunday, March 01, 2020

Here comes the coronavirus. 

Coronavirus struck China first. The doctors that first spoke up were silenced. At least one of them ended up dying. Over 18 healthcare workers have also died. There are 3 cases in Illinois. We are relying on China for numbers. But how do we trust them.

I have never been like this before. This is not the first time that illness has struck. But this time is different. They are talking about quarantine. Staying home from work and everything else. I am personally worried because just the common cold knocks me on my butt. I struggle getting over it for weeks. I've never paid much attention to these, but I am this time. I went to the store and bought massive amounts of toilet paper, paper towels and dog food. I need to make another trip to the store today for meat, olive oil, pasta and onions. 

Meanwhile the madman in chief is telling everyone this is all about him. 3000 plus people have died just to make him look bad. WTF? How is this bizarre comedy playing out in real time? How can people be so willfully ignorant? 

They are treating this virus with gatorade. Yep, gatorade. Whatever did we do before its invention? I need to stock up.

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